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Try Studio J. It really can save you money! Digital scrap booking is fun, addicting, fast, no mess, and you can automatically enlarge or crop your pictures to fit your pages just right. New features on the website include airbrushing, new paper designs, and new member pricing.

Scrapbooking just got Faster, Simpler, and Easier with Studio J.
How to get started:

1) Go to and click on the Studio J Online Scrapbooking link, then click on Create an Account.  (If you want the most options with the best price, you will want to do the membership. However, you can try it out first to make sure you like it.) See the bottom of this document for a breakdown of the membership benefits.

2) Click on Create a new project.

3) Choose a name for your project (this will not be the title so any name will do).

4) Click on the button that says "upload photos" and upload a few from your computer.

5) Once uploaded, click on continue (it's at the bottom lower side).

6) Now comes the fun!! Choose a paper kit!! Don't worry if you don't like every single paper in any kit because you can pick and choose once you start creating. I usually choose something that goes with the theme and the colors of my photos. 

7) Choose a pattern next. Go over to the top right of the page and you'll see a pull down menu where you can choose how many photos you need to put on the page. Find a template you like.

8) Next you can choose a kit mix, remembering again, that you can change many of the papers and where they are on the page.

9) Once your page loads, just go over to your photos with your mouse and move them into the photo opening that you like. The photo will be adjusted to fit but if it's not quite perfect, click on the center and a "hand" will appear, use your mouse to move the photo to center it.

10) Once your photo is in, you start decorating and refining using the menu on the left of the main layout screen.
·      Paper Options: Click on the paper link on the left hand side of your Studio J page. A whole buffet of pattern papers and cardstocks will pop up. You'll notice that under the pattern choices you have many coordinating color icons. Those will mellow out and make your pattern papers much more subtle in the color you choose.

·      Distressing Options: You have the opportunity to choose from many colors to distress with (all of them technically but they do offer the best suggestions for the color scheme of the paper set). Choose a color, darker ones to make it really show well, lighter ones if you want a more subtle look. You are given three types of distressing: CROSS, DIRECT, AND SPONGE. Cross is a criss-cross look with an "x'ed" edge. Direct is more color along the edges and a slightly wrinkled look and sponge is a softer, subtle sponged look. You also can change the surface of the paper by using a SANDING or STUBBLE tool. The stubble is a much rougher look. I use that when I feel like my cardstock looks too modern or smooth. To use these, click on the tool you want then, using your right finger on the mouse, slide the distressing over to the patterned or cardstock paper on your layout. You do have to do it for each section of paper, you'll see it change right before your eyes. This way you can choose only to distress certain papers if you want. If the distressing isn't intense enough for you, click on the paper on your layout and change the percentage of distressing. You'll also see an erase tool too, to get rid of the distressing. You can even distress your journaling mat. It will roughen up the edges so that the journaling block isn't perfectly square or rectangular.

·      Text Options: This option allows you to add more journal blocks or title blocks; however, most layouts already have a space for this and all you have to do is click in the spot provided and start typing. You can change font and size as well as right, center or left align.  You can also click the box nest to scale font and it will automatically fill the box up. 

·      Embellishments & Stickease Options:  The best thing to do for this two options is to explore!!! As you can see here, you have buttons, ribbons, metals, alphabets, titles, tags, quotes, accents and borders. 

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and know that anything you do can be undone if you don’t like it.

Additional Tips:
-If you have a photo that doesn’t fit everyone’s faces in the size provided, try using the same photo twice in two different spots. Drag it into one spot and zoom in on half the group, then drag the same photo from the photos column into a second spot and zoom in on the other people.

-Use the quick title tool to align stickers automatically. You can flip the orientation of the word from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

-Drag and drop paper over any background to change it.

-When you have used a photo in the project it will have a check mark next to it. Deleting photos from the project removes the check mark so you always know if the picture was used or not.

-Hovering over a photo in the photo section allows you to click on the + sign to zoom in on it and preview it. It is also easier to rotate the picture here rather than in the layout.

-You can swap pictures from one spot to another by dragging the photo in the layouts until the green + sign appears.

-You can convert text boxes to photos using the head-shaped button when you click on the text box.

-You can change the layering order of items by right clicking on the item (i.e., ribbon, buttons) and selecting ‘bring forward’ or ‘bring to front’ (or backwards).

-When you finish the pages, zoom to about 250% and scroll all the way left and up. Then scroll down as you preview the page, scroll right, and scroll back up.

STUDIO J Pricing

Option #1
Full Retail
Purchase 2 page layouts, without a membership
$12.95 per 2 page layout
 + Shipping and Handling
no memory protectors included

Option #2
5 pack
5 two-page layouts ($55.00)
+ 5 memory protectors (included)
+ shipping/handling (included) one per month

Option #3
3-month membership ($30.00)
You can order unlimited two page layouts per month
at $6.50 per two page layout
+ 5 memory protectors (free)
+ 5 High-Resolution JPGs (free)
+ shipping/handling (free) once per month

Option #4
12-month membership ($99.00)
You can order unlimited two page layouts per month
at $6.50 per two page layout
+ 5 memory protectors (free)
+ 5 High-Resolution JPGs (free)
+ shipping/handling (free) one per month

All Memberships will be automatically renewed at the end of term unless you cancel.

In Comparison

If you were to purchase 5 layouts:

No Membership   W/Annual membership   W/3 Month Membership   W/5 pack

$65/$13 each      $36.65($7.33 each)       $42.50($8.50 each)     $55($11.00 each)

No protectors      free                            free                          free

$6 Shipping         free                            free                          free

$71 total              Save $34.35!                 Save $28.50!               Save $16!


It’s well worth getting a membership! It’ll pay for itself in no time. Also available is a new Jpeg feature that gives you the rights to your artwork and allows you to print your pages wherever you want or email them!

Now Compare to Traditional Scrapbooking

                              Workshop on the Go kit            @ $29.95 2 layouts

                                    Stickease Layouts                   @ $ 4.95  2 layouts

                                    Level I Crop and Drop              @ $ 9.95  2 layouts

                                    36 Pictures (no enlargements)   @ $ 6.84

                                    5 memory protectors               @ $ 2.50

                                    Shipping                                @ $ 4.30

                                                               Total        $58.49 for 6 layouts ($9.75 each)

Admittedly, you can always squeeze out a couple more layouts or cards from your scraps and leftovers and you get the instruction, fellowship, that personal handcrafted touch, besides a night out  …but it might just pay to try digital scrapbook pages!

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Studio J
Consultant: Rachel Ventura