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CTMH has a NEW cartridge! 

Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection

Cardmaking has never been easier or more fun! With our newest Cricut® collection you can make handmade masterpieces in no time at all. Choose from cards with sentiments cut directly into them, or combine several cutouts to create your own pop-up scenes. Featuring more than 25 different themes and 5 different card formats including dynamic interactive designs, this cartridge has a card for any and all occasions—even if the occasion is “just because”! Card styles include pop-ups, scenes, sentiments, sleeves and pocket cards. Order your Cricut® Artfully Sent collection (Z3017) today.
Cricut® Artfully Sent 3-D Sample Cards
Cricut® Artfully Sent Sample Cards
Cricut® Artfully Sent Shape Index

Cricut® Artbooking Collection

Take your scrapbooking to never-before-seen levels with the new Cricut® Artbooking collection! With oodles of images in each of 15 layout themes, you can create several coordinating pages for each theme using just two keys and one dial size. Images include accents, borders, titles, overlays, photo mats—in standard photo sizes!—and more.
The Cricut® keys are optimized for creating 12" × 12" pages in a jiffy. You’ll love creating 10 themed mini books, also optimized for several different sizes using just two keys and one dial size. Celebrate birthdays, new baby, vacations, friends, sports, Halloween, Christmas, and more. When you’re finished cutting, use the coordinating stamp sets and Dimensional Elements shapes to add even more pizzazz! Order your Cricut® Artbooking collection (Z1906) today.
Cricut® Artbooking Sample Shapes
Cricut® Artbooking Shape Index

Artbooking Cricut Cartridge

These images are all from the Artbooking cartridge. Create 12x12 pages with just one key. Or whole mini albums with one or two key punches. Fonts, Tags, Accents, and more. This revolutionary cartridge has it all! 

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Cricut® Artiste Collection

The Cricut® Artiste collection helps you turn everyday events into magical celebrations! The unique cartridge takes creativity to a new level allowing you to cut themed projects and shapes using a single key. Color-coded images in the accompanying booklet indicate shapes that are linked and can be cut using the same size setting for hassle-free layering and assembly. Choosing a themed project is easy with the project reference pictures, and assembling 3-D items is a snap with the separate assembly and folding guide.

With 700 images, you’ll find a themed project for any event, large or small, from Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween, to occasions like birthdays and baby showers, plus clever motifs like signage, game night, gears, timepieces, awards, and more. Use the three coordinating My Acrylix™ D-size stamp sets to jazz up your Cricut accents, then splash in some Dimensional Elements shapes from the three included sets for added flair! The Cricut® Artiste cartridge makes it easy to create a charming, cohesive project, taking you from crafter to awesome artiste in a flash. Order your Cricut® Artiste collection (Z1790) today

Recommended blocks for included stamp sets: 
2" × 6½" (Y1010), 2" × 3½" (Y1009), 3" × 3" (Y1006).

Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection

Our Cricut® Art Philosophy cartridge includes foundational shapes and building blocks that are an essential staple for every crafter. You’ll find versatile geometric shapes, classic brackets, frames, florals, flourishes, borders, fonts, numbers, and more. With 700 images to choose from, it’s the cartridge you’ll buy and never take out of your cutter. Favorite elements include unique gift boxes, elegant doilies, and stunning 3-D rosettes, to name just a few.
You’ll also receive three 12" × 9" sheets of Dimensional Elements shapes, including Mixed Shapes, Tags, and Banners, as well as three exclusive, D-size My Acrylix™ stamp sets featuring sentiments and images—all designed to work together for mixing and matching fun! Order your Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection (Z1686) today
Cricut® Art Philosophy Sample Shapes
Cricut® Art Philosophy Shape Index
Art Philosophy:

Recommended blocks for included stamp sets: 
1" × 1" (Y1000), 2" × 2" (Y1003), 2" × 3½" (Y1009), 3" × 3" (Y1006).

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A Couple Of Pointers!

Cricut® Machine Comparison Chart
Cricut® Machine Tips & Tricks
Cricut® Art Philosophy Sample Shapes
Cricut® Art Philosophy Shape Index

Cricut Tip #1Cricut Bug
If you have the new White Mats (not the old green ones) you probably have noticed they are less sticky. To make them work you need to activate them with water. Then you can also rough it up with your scrapper (or side of a credit card). You can re-fresh the stickiness by washing it a little with our cleaner. Provocraft plans to stop making the old green ones as people complained they were too sticky. So if you see them in the store, snatch a few up. Amazon does carry the mats and tools.

Cricut Tip #2
You can use our Memories Bonding Glue (The Blue Glue) to make your mat sticky again. Simply apply the glue when it is blue all over the mat and allow to dry clear and then your mat is ready to go again!  

Cricut Tip #3
ALWAYS turn your machine off first before switching to a new cartridge. It can cause malfunctions if you take out a cartridge while the machine is still on. Also, If you use your cricut to cut nonstop, it can overheat and malfunction or shut down. Like any piece of electronic equipment it needs time to cool down occasionally, so if it feels hot let it have a rest occasionally it will last longer and perform better.

Cricut Tip #4
Do not leave your paper on the cutting mat for a long period of time as the adhesive will glue the paper to it and you will need to rip the paper off then clean the mat. You may need to re-apply adhesive if your mat gets old, dirty, or just too many paper fuzzies.

Cricut Tip #5
Want to save paper when using your cricut? Check out the new Cricut Craft Room. It is free to use and you can resize your cuts to any size and dimension making borders an ease to cut at 12" now. Also you can rotate images and move them on the mat which will minimize the scrap you are left with ultimately maximizing your savings :) The program allows you to cut from your computer to your cricut. You can also use the online site to design and save to cut later. If you have questions on how to use the craft room I am happy to answer them.

Cricut Tip #6
So I have been using my Art Philosophy Cartridge a lot! I found that if you are using the craft room to design in (a free program you download from that you can change 1 of the dimensions instead of changing the whole size proportionately. What this allows you to do is create oblong shapes for example. So I used heart shape 1 and change the height so it was longer and I was able to use this shape with a stamp I already had but was not typically a cricut coordinate stamp set. I hope this is making sense. Another thing I was able to do was create a postage stamp mat by making the width and height perfect for a 5 x 7 photo instead of the standard proportions on the cartridge.

Cricut Tip #7
If you are having problems with your cricut try updating the filmware by syncing your machine:

Cricut Tip from Becky Purvis
Please be aware for anyone who uses the Sure Cuts A Lot with their NOT update your firmware or you can't use that program again.... I would cry if that happened to me. I have so much "free stuff" (thousands) invested to be able to use it with my Cricut.

Cricut Tip #8
You can make beautiful gifts for Christmas like a flower wreath or a paper wedding cake. Create all kinds of stocking stuffers and little gift boxes. There are eight 3D box shapes and six rolled flowers on the cartridge to help you create these items. Don't know where to start? Email me and we'll walk through the project together! When creating 3D objects you'll want to get some strong adhesives. If you don't own a glue gun try using liquid glass and glue dots to assemble these projects.

Cricut Tip #9 
To see the list of current stamps that Close to My Heart offers that coordinate with the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, click here. This list is compliments of Noreen Petty.

Cricut Tip #10
When you need to cut an image larger than the machine lets you try the "fit to page" option and it works perfectly! You can also trick your cricut into cutting a larger image by choosing the 12x24 mat selection. You can just use your regular 12x12 mat, it just extends the cutting "area" to accommodate a larger cut, but will stay within the 12x12 paper space. Just make sure your paper is lined up correctly on the mat.

Cricut Tip #11 
From Consultant Sandy Trammell: How to “condition” the old green mats when they are new. When you pull off the plastic cover sheet for the first time, pat your hands all over the mat several times until the super sticky is reduced to normal. If you do this, you will not have to peel stuck paper off the mat ever.

Cricut Tip #12 
Another tip from Consultant Sandy Trammell: I’ve learned is that there is a right and wrong side to the plastic cover and you mat will stay sticky longer if you put the rougher side on the tacky glue every time you use it.  You can be consistent by writing your name on top of the cover sheet when new and if your name is correct and at the top, you have the cover sheet on correctly.

Cricut Tip #13
How to Re-Set Manually Expression 1: A Tip from Barbara Osbourn
1) First, turn your machine ON with no cartridge loaded. Then roll the SPEED and PRESSURE dials (on the left) and the SIZE dial (on the right) to their lowest settings.
2) Then grasp the blade assembly and use it to pull the entire carriage car unit along its track to the left side of the machine. Back in the cave where the carriage car usually sits there is a red button. Press that button and hold it down for about three seconds. Let go and then move the carriage car back into place.
3) This next step will sound a bit odd, but many times it can fix your Cricut.  Roll all your dials all the way up and all the way down three times—three times for each dial.
4) Then press the CUT button and turn the machine OFF.  Next, load a cartridge, turn it on, and try a practice cut.

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