Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gen Con Realistic Flowers

Start with Three 4" cut white flowers from the Cricut. 
Sponge the middle with Sunflower, Creme Brulee, or Honey Ink. 
Spray them with pearl paint (optional) and water (to help soften the paper). Once wet, crumble into a ball.
 Un-crumble slightly leaving a unique form. Do not un-crumble flat.
 Repeat with all 3 flowers. Allow to COMPLETELY dry.
Cut 3 - 7 middle flowers at 2". 
Spray them while on the mat with desert sand. (optional)
 Place a brad in the middle of all the small flowers. Spray with water as needed.
 Starting with each layer, pull up the petals and squeeze together.
Continue doing each layer until all are pulled up. Then slightly squish the petal down.
Add liquid glass to the middle of the large flowers and attach one another then attach the small yellow center.
Last, using the liquid applique, outline ONLY the edges of the white petals in a thin even line.

 Apply heat from a heat gun. this will set the liquid applique while also puffing it out.
Repeat as many times as necessary.
To create the leaves, cut them on the Cricut. Use a stylus to emboss the veins on the leaves. 
Flip the paper over and directly rub it along the ink pad (Ponderous Pine or New England Ivy). Distress edges. Spray with water and crumble. Un-crumble slightly and allow to dry completely.
Add to Sprayed Mat and Card Base. Attach pearls and the matching Cricut Stem in Chocolate.

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