Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 4 at Convention 2012

The last day of convention was packed full of EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! There wore 32 of us presenting. The convention attendees rotated through 8 of us in the 4 hr period.

I taught how to make realistic paper flowers, marbling technique, and faux leather paper. I also showed off the new ribbons like the satin polka dotted ribbon, the shimmer trim, and the burlap ribbon.

I had the Dakota paper pack that I made several different items with. I also did a short presentation on incorporating Studio J Online Scrapbooking into their business model.

Rebecca borrowed my camera as she went booth to booth and took these pictures.
 This is my 5th upline Michelle Snyder.

 Glitter Queen, Sara Batkins

 No surprise she is using liquid glass.

 Spirit Award winner Karen Pedersen. Rebecca said she had a great class about embossing.

 The cricut board was very helpful to my downlines.

 Becky showing off her boards for the cricut keys she had.

 Amy Ulen, Studio J Queen.

I would have LOVED to see this presentation too!

After lunch at the hotel we went to the closing general session. Wrapping up with a crop and line dance afterwards. It was tough saying goodbye to my scrapping friends. Until next year ladies!

Check out just some of the artwork from my Extravaganza booth. Much, much more to come in the next few days and weeks.

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