Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tip: Assembling Your Albums to Lay Flat

I love our faux-leather albums! I have several and almost all the colors. I recently made the switch from decorated albums that K&Company made to these for several reasons. One is the durability: In a fire they wouldn't burn on the outside. I have heard too many horror stories of people losing everything to fires. Two, my children tend to pick things off of albums ruining the custom look. Three, they don't age. I was reminded a few post ago that just cause I think something is the bee's knees now doesn't mean I'll feel that way in a few years (See White Tiger Fur Album Post). These books are timeless.

That all being said I want to share with you a few tips on how to put it together and how to in sure your pages lay flat instead of fanning out.

To start you'll want to make sure you order the following: 
Label Holders (optional)

Now to start you'll want to unscrew your album.
Add the extender posts. I like to use the 1" ones thus creating an album about 2" wide.
You'll then add a protector sheet on top of the cardboard strip provided. Then add a spine expander on top the protector. I listed some photos below so you can see the importance of this step.
When you have continued adding a protector then a spine expander alternating all the way to the top of the screws you'll want to add the cardboard strip last.
Then place the open front flap over and screw your album together.
Lastly you'll need to add the spine protector by sliding it into the grooves.
Here is the completed album before adding artwork.

Importance of adding spine expanders

I do not have an image of an album without spine expanders but you can see below that even a few make a huge difference in how the pages lay flat.
This album uses a spine expander every 3 pages. It still creates a bigger end on the left causing the album to fan out.
For this album I split the spine expanders in half instead of folding on the perforations. Then I placed them every other page. This creates a slight bending of the page on the right hand side.
Finally here is the proper way to get your album to lay flat. I've used a full folded spine expander between each protector.

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  1. I had to check out the zebra fur album post, and you just gave me the best lol of the week! I have a similar story, and now feel inspired to do a blog post showing how far I've come thanks to CTMH! I also learned something new today...have been using the spine expanders for years now, but still couldn't figure out why they didn't lay flat. I was using one for every 5 pages! Thank you, I'll give the new method a try!