Monday, May 7, 2012

Fairy Festival

We went to the Joliet Fairy Festival. The girls had a really good time. They got to wear wings, make wands, attend fairy school, and fairy story time. They also got to practice their flying in the bounce houses. We end the day riding in the horse drawn Cinderella carriage. Although I felt it was wildly over priced the girls did enjoy it. However I won't be going back in future years. Instead we will probably plan our own princess & fairy day and invite friends over to make these crafty items ourselves and maybe even chip in on a bounce house. Until then, please enjoy these photos we took. I am thinking the Lucy WOTG would be perfect!

Watching the carriage go by...

Blowing wind flowers (magic)

 Becoming a Fairy Ceremony

Getting pixie dust!

Practice Flying

We made little flowers in pots and painted them as a symbol of taking care of our Earth.

Evie very proud of finishing hers.

Practice with wands before we got our real ones...

This huge one was cool and made giant clusters of bubbles

Lily wasn't sure what to make of it all

Finally we got to make our own wands.

Grandma of course helped us.

Off to school we go!

 Getting ready for Fairy School 101: A History

 Great picture of a very attentive little fairy
Ops, our wand wasn't quite ready...

Alice the Fairy was a great book!

Fairy Uncle casting spells

The tolling of the Fairy Bells to call all other fairies.

Fairy School 201: The Basics

First our Fairy Pledge

Next a lesson in Wands

How to turn invisible

Practice time...

And Graduation complete with more pixie dust!

Blue Fairy was the best!

She gave them special bracelets

Only the truly good fairies were awarded these

Lily Fairy Dancing 

and flying

Doing a spell

Wrapping the day up with a carriage ride

Evie getting on

Lily getting on

Who is that old Fairy?

The four of us :)

Grandma Fairy!

**The Ventura Fairies**

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  1. So cute - I love the this line "Fairy Uncle casting spells"!