Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cricut Tips: How to Re-Set Manually Expression 1

Cricut Bug

A Tip from Barbara Osbourn

1) First, turn your machine ON with no cartridge loaded. Then roll the SPEED and PRESSURE dials (on the left) and the SIZE dial (on the right) to their lowest settings.
2) Then grasp the blade assembly and use it to pull the entire carriage car unit along its track to the left side of the machine. Back in the cave where the carriage car usually sits there is a red button. Press that button and hold it down for about three seconds. Let go and then move the carriage car back into place.
3) This next step will sound a bit odd, but many times it can fix your Cricut.  Roll all your dials all the way up and all the way down three times—three times for each dial.
4) Then press the CUT button and turn the machine OFF.  Next, load a cartridge, turn it on, and try a practice cut.

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