Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 3 Hawaii Recap - Maui

Rebecca and I took several lei classes on the boat while in Hawaii. Check out these awesome purple flowers. Soft as velvet too.
Everyday CTMH provided us with amazing gifts! Here is the awesome beach bag I got.
This week was super rainy but the misty sunrise was cool to see.
We weren't going to let a little rain ruin our site-seeing though. So as you can see we used our beach towels to keep us dry since we weren't going to spend any time on the beach this day.
My sister and I lived in FL for a while when we were little and there was this banyan tree we always climbed. This one here in HI spanned 1 acre with 12 main root systems - so we had to check out this banyan tree for sure.
There was the original building structure which was made of shells similar to tabbi ruins.
We checked out some of the historical district and the homes and churches on Maui.
We drove around the island too in the rain. We even stopped at a beach to walk on some of the lava rocks.

We finished up our Maui sight seeing at the Iao Needle and gardens. A natural spire 1200 ft tall.
It had a waterfall that we had to pass over on a bridge which was cool to see.
We got a couple of good sisterly photos here. It really reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

And there were Chickens and Roosters every where! Apparently this is a thing in HI.
When we returned the rental car and got back on the boat we picked up another lei class. This class was using the kakuie nut. It was interesting to hear about the nut and it's historical properties. The oil is still used today. We bought a bunch of nuts to make lei's for family back home.

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