Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 2 Hawaii Recap - Maui

We pulled into Maui early in the morning and were already in port by sunrise. Rebecca (My sister) woke up to see the sunrise and got some awesome pictures. I joined her shortly later on our balcony. This is me in my pjs with no make-up and un-brushed hair.
We got dressed and had a HUGE breakfast. I was so glad to take a break from the diet. I promptly filled up on corned beef hash, bacon, eggs, waffles, yogurt, croissants, and more. 
Next we got on the bus to take us to the boat to go Snorkeling. The boat took us out to the Molokini Crater where we got into the water for the first snorkel adventure. 
It was amazing. At first I just watched the fish and the movement but then I really got some good looks at the coral. The coral was so close and colorful. The fish even more so. Sadly I don't have an underwater camera so I couldn't take pictures but here are a few from Tina Sutton who was also on the trip with us.
We saw parrot fish (some of my favorite), trumpet fish (weird looking), these black fish above with the white stripe that reflected light and changed to different colors of the rainbow. So cool, they are considered the pigeons of Molokini - they were everywhere and we got to swim through schools of them. Amazing!
We saw the HI state fish as well as lot of butterfly fish. I got to see the "Gill" fish from Nemo. 
On our way to the second snorkel spot we had quite a show from the humpback whales. Here are some pictures of a mom and calf whale (Pictures from Rebecca Mahon, Karen Pederson and Ginni Candelaria)
At the second snorkel site we went to Turtle Point where we not only got to see the green sea turtles and swim with them but we also got to see an octopus!
Thank You Tina for these amazing pictures! After we got off the bus from the trip we went to get our rental car so we could make it to the Luau. And check out this beauty!!
We drove around Maui a little before heading out to the Luau in Old Lahaini. 
Once we got there we did a little shopping with some of the local artists. Rebecca and I each got a piece that was hand carved.
They had areas set up to show us hot they make the poi and cook the pig. We got to watch the pig get unearthed too.
We got to watch the sunset while we were there too over the ocean. Here's some shots of yours truly.
Finally the food!!! So amazing. I completely stuffed myself. The drinks were all free too! Good gosh!
Lol look at my eyes... I might have had one too many Lava Flows...
The dancing was fantastic. I really like how they told the story of the Hawaiian people and how the culture has evolved over the years. It was interesting to see the fashion changes.
All in all a fantastic time.

We wrapped the evening up on the boat listening to an amazing singer belt out some of Adele's songs. Wow what a day!
More Hawaii Recaps tomorrow... stay tuned.

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