Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 1 Hawaii Recap

Here are the cliff notes and highlights of the Hawaii trip :)
The flight down from WA was agreeable and when I got to the boat in Oahu to check in they first did a traditional aloha complete with Lei. When you receive a flower for your hair you must have it on the correct side. Married woman wear it on the left. How I wish I would have wore makeup for this photo - how white I am!
While in line to check luggage onto the boat they had fresh shaved coconut which if you have never had doesn't taste all at like the stuff in the bag you get at the store. It actually tastes more like a Brazil nut. Meaty and nutty but not sweet. I loved it.
When I got to the room I was surprised by a gift of Champagne from Close To My Heart. They took such good care of us with gifts everyday!
Rebecca met me on the boat a little later. She was so excited when she came on the boat and kept smiling all night!
We had a fantastic Balcony room where we could see behind the boat some because our room jetted out and we could see along the boat all the way to the front. Here is a fantastic shot as we left Oahu.
Enjoying walking around the boat before our opening reception. The weather was fantastic!
At the opening reception we got to say hello to the Executive team and received more leis. Then we had a quick presentation about how we all got there and who we were :)
Then we got to the celebrating and enjoyed our free mai tais!
We attended the comedy show late that evening to wrap up the day and he has us laughing our butts off!

My favorite part of the trip was getting to know the other consultants and becoming friends with the cream of the crop. What wonderful ladies they all are! 

Stay tuned for the other days to follow :)

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