Friday, March 2, 2012

Which came first - scrapbooking or stamping blog hop

Thank you for joining this fantastic blog Hop. If you are coming from Rhonda Helm's Blog you are right on track!

I am first and foremost a scrapbooker (Click on any picture to zoom in). I started my first scrapbook the '90s while in high school. Back then I just wanted a place to hold all my photos that I was taking or collecting from friends. So I got a binder that had 8 1/2 x 11 sticky sheets with plastic covers over them. Then I set out cutting each photo into different shapes and fitting them all on the sticky 8.5x11.  
In college I bought my first 12x12 album. It was DRUM ROLL PLEASE...... a white and black zebra fur bound book. A similar style to the creative memories pages went inside and was bound together with these plastic strips that fed through the metal staples on the pages. But to make it better, I bought not one but TWO of these albums. 
I then discovered PATTERN SCISSORS and I thought they were the bees knees. I was cropping my photos in all kinds of shapes with these fancy little scissors that probably did more damage to the edges of my photos then to actually cut them. Still I learned that there was a little trick to these bastards and was able to use them after a little practice.

As my "skill" (lol what else would I call it? My Disaster) progressed I discovered pattern paper and frames.
For a long time I didn't cut the paper, OOOH NOOOO, I placed the whole 12x12 paper down and just laid my photos over it. I did learn to add photo mats which really helped. And I went accent crazy to help fill in the monotonous.
Luckily, this phase passed after several years. My very next scrapbook I decided needed to have different color papers on each page and thus I entered the "Advance" level of scrapbooking. Haha, sorry I am totally laughing at myself.
As you can see I managed to add 2-3 papers to each page. It wasn't a huge jump but an important stepping stone!
Once I realized how awesome I could combine papers together I became a PAPER HORDER. Who wouldn't? I was buying it by the reams. I had grand plans... don't we all?! I was also very quickly going broke from the accents aisle at the local scrapbooking store. I needed a $5 accent for every page. Man did that add up fast. I needed a way to create my own but I didn't want them to look cheesy.
This entire time I was ANTI-STAMPING - "WHAT? What?" you ask. It's true. My mom collected wooden stamps and would always want to stamp but I hated it. My images never came out clean, or evenly inked, or they had that partial border around it from the edge of the stamp. You all know what I am talking about. But one product completely changed the way I scrapbooked and saved my pocket book!
Then in 2009 STAMPING WAS BORN AGAIN! Well at least for me. I was invited to a Close To My Heart (CTMH) party where this consultant pulled out a slim envelope with some clear stamps on them. As she talked I kept thinking "yes but how do you hold that little thin piece of plastic without getting your fingers full of ink". Then she pulled out a clear block and stuck the two together like magic.
I used the stamps and was like "HALLELUJAH! IT'S A MIRACLE, I CAN STAMP!" And I was instantly hooked! I suddenly had to have hundreds of stamps so I could create my own accents instead of buying those $5 accents for every page. 
The how-to programs completely changed my layouts from "advanced" to "professional". They showed me how to cut SEVERAL different papers to put together and how to create amazing layouts.
It wasn't long after that I decided to become a consultant for CTMH. My artwork has jumped ahead light years since joining. I so shake my head at early scrapbooks and how I thought I was amazing. I have benefited from CTMH's amazing consultant training program where I cannot tell you the amount of fantastic projects and creative they have. I learned to use so many products and tools.
But the best thing is... I continue to grow, stamp, and scrapbook everyday. There is so much to learn and I accept the challenge.
~Happy Scrappin' 

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  1. Your posts show the complete growth of scrapbooking! How fun to see all of these stages in one place. You certainly have "come along way baby!" Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Rachel...what fun to read your post! I'm choking on my cereal!!! It truly is amazing at how much you've grown. Your work is beautiful but the past memories (the decorative edge ones) are still precious!! I wish you continued success on all your new projects! Happy stamping.
    Creative Wishes & TFS,
    Claire S.

  3. oh gurl, i feel the same way you did/do. my beginning was a train wreck, it still can be sometimes too. thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

    craftingwithblue at gmail dot com

  4. Wow! what an awesome story! I was giggling all the way through, you are a trip...these layouts are great right from the first one! Your creativity just shines right through the years! BTW I love the LollyPop tut below this post, going to go try that after I am done with the hop...
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  5. Gosh, I really loved your story, thanks for sharing it and all your layouts.

  6. Wow!! What an amazing story!! I was giggling... because as you got to each step of scrapbooking... that was so ME!! I thought Decorative cutting scissors were just the greatest thing. Now... they just sit on my desk. May have to think of a NEW creative way to use them. Love your very first layout posted! You are talented!!

  7. Aww, I really loved reading this. It was inspiring! My layouts looked so much like yours too, I hope that one day they will be as beautiful as your more current layouts! I have always loved stamping, but that doesn't mean I was any good at it! Haha. I had all the same problems you did but practice makes perfect right? :]

  8. I can relate to all you said and showed!! lol I started out much the same as you, and tried stamping but didn't really like it as I wasn't very good at it. Then those clear stamps came out and I was hooked!! lol Now I like to make cards by using my stamps and my Cricut and I love to scrapbook and will use my stamps from time to time in my scrapbooking. Thanks for the great trip down memory lane, I would have sworn you were at my house looking into my albums! lol
    bsl60 at embarqmail dot com

  9. I loved reading your story!! So similar to the way I scrapped back in high school! :) Thank you for sharing and your pages were so ADVANCED back then! ;) You have definitely come very far!

  10. Great story. I went through all those stages right along with you. So fun to see people share pages that look like mine. This is so fun.

  11. OH MY WHAT A STORY!! I can SO RELATE!! Been there, done that! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I am a new follower. Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  12. Your later layouts definitely have more style than the first layouts. TFS. I loved seeing all of them.

  13. Loved your story. Make me not feel so bad about my first pages.

  14. Your story is wonderful I love the picuresof your progress, what an awesome idea to create your own embellishments with stamps! I can totally relate to your early stamping experience deja vu!TFS
    Big Blog Hugs,Janet

  15. Wow, great story! I remember the patterned scissors too!! Love how you showcased all your photo's. Lucky you too - off to Hawaii!! Enjoy!

  16. What fun to read your story!! It's very rare for me to use a stamp in my scrapbook -- I'm not sure why, but now that I'm seeing what you've done with them, I think you might see a few more stamps making their way into my page embellishments!! :)

    Thanks for participating in the hop!!
    Amy :) at

  17. I loved reading your story, you had me laughing at one point when you called the pattern scissors little bastards!!! Too funny.

  18. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story!