Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colonial White Die-Cut Cards

Create these adorable cards

Tri-fold cards with a die-cut edge. 10 cards with envelopes, 3½" x 8" for $6.95 Buy Now

  1. Tip: As you cut the paper, sort the pieces as indicated in the cutting guide so that each card has its own stack. For example, if the cutting guide labels a piece “Pretty Simple™,” place it in the stack for the Pretty Simple card.
  2. Use diagrams in Wishes® on pages 17, 50, 57, and 100 to cut your remaining papers.
  3. Cut Cocoa stitch zip strip into two segments as follows: 2" and 1 1/2".
  4. Stamp lampshade with Lagoon ink and second-generation on 1 1/2" × 2" Colonial White cardstock for Top Band; stamp the four lampshade sections with Lagoon ink on second-generation lampshade.
  5. Stamp lampshade twice with Sunset ink and second-generation on 3" × 2" Colonial White accent for new pattern card; stamp lampshade sections with Sunset ink on lampshades. Trim. For dimension, score stamped lampshades between the four lampshade sections.
  6. Stamp top of chair eight times with Sunset ink on 8" × 5/8" Colonial White cardstock for Simply Said card; trim.
  7. Stamp chair and sentiment with Cocoa ink on 1 3/4" × 2 7/8" Colonial White cardstock for Simply Said.
  8. Stamp sentiment and lamp post with Cocoa ink on 3 1/2" × 2" Colonial White cardstock for Top Band card.
  9. Stamp sentiment with Cocoa ink on left side of 1 1/4" × 4" Colonial White cardstock for New Pattern card.
  10. For the New Pattern card, stamp flower burst image ten times with Cocoa ink along top of one card base and four times on card flap so it lines up with the ten images.
  11. Cover and trim Dimensional Elements hearts as follows:
    • Three small hearts and one medium heart on 2 1/2" × 2 1/2" Lagoon cardstock
    • One large heart on 3" × 2" Sunset cardstock
  12. Score 2" × 3 1/2" Lagoon cardstock and 1 1/2" × 2 3/4" Lagoon cardstock every 1/4".
  13. Score both 5 1/2" × 1" Sunset cardstock pieces as follows: 1/2", 1", 2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4", and 5"; apply adhesive to first strip at 5 1/2" end and attach to second strip at 1/2" beginning; accordion fold and secure.
  14. Sponge edges of everything with Cocoa ink.
  15. Assemble cards according to New Pattern and Wishes patterns, adding 3-D foam tape as desired for dimension.
    • When assembling the Top It Off card, stamp “I” and “you” on card flap, leaving enough space for the medium Dimensional Elements heart.
    • When attaching papers to Top Band, stamp border image with Cocoa ink along side of A before attaching C.
  16. Attach embellishments.

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  1. LOVE that chair stamp, and the lamp as well. So beautiful.