Thursday, February 23, 2012

Want To Make A Career Change?

Need More Tax Write Offs?

Want to bring home more of your money every year? Why not open your own business? It's easier than you think!! I had thousands of dollars in tax write offs from my business of teaching others how to scrapbook and make cards. Is this something that you would love to be doing and getting paid for it? Here are a couple of things you COULD BE writing off if you start your business today:
  • You can write off your ALL scrapbooking supplies as expenses if purchased for your business at the price that you paid, regardless of who you purchased them from (CTMH, Michael’s, hobby lobby, other consultants, etc…)
  • Write off stamps, postage, office supplies
  • Printing costs for newsletters, business cards, other advertising costs
  • Long distance calls, utilities, internet
  • Portion of your home mortgage & interest for your home office
  • Homeowner’s or renters insurance paid for each year
  • Receipts of any office improvements (paint, shelving, carpeting, desk, computer, etc). Your office space/computer must be used primarily for your business.
  • Trade publications/rubberstamping or scrapbooking magazine subscriptions
  • Stamping/scrapbooking related books and videos
  • Fees for attending stamping/scrapbooking conventions or workshops
  • Parking/tolls/gas mileage/airfare/hotel expenses related with attending a convention or workshop
  • Postage for newsletters or orders
  • Gifts and prizes (not totaling over $25.00 each)
  • Charitable contributions
  • Clothing purchased expressly for wearing to home demonstrations (Logo Wear)
  • Any website or credit card fees
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