Friday, February 17, 2012

Scrapbooking Tip

Creating Your 1st Layout
  1. Pictures - First, choose the photo(s) for your layout. You do not need to use every picture you take, only those that best represent the event or memory you wish to capture.
  2. Theme or Concept - Second, look at the pictures and see what theme or concept you want your layout to have. The theme can be anything and is essentially the subject of the page: Christmas, new baby, love, friendship, traditions, etc. Think about the story you want to tell (journaling) and a title for your layout.
  3. Color Scheme - Third, picking the right paper colors and patterns can seem daunting until you learn a few tricks. The easiest way to choose is to pull color inspiration right from your photos. Then check out the current papers we carry along with products that will work with that combination. In addition to choosing colors based on the colors in your photos, you might also choose your color scheme based on the theme (such as pastel blue for a baby boy page), or even mood (such as a whimsical and colorful pattern for a light-hearted laughter page).
  4. Embellishments - Next, embellishments like stickease, charms, brads, buttons and ribbons to name a few, can help unify the photos, paper and journaling. They can be simple or elaborate. Once again, look at your photos and concept for inspiration such as using fabric flowers that mimic a child’s dress in the focal photograph. Mini Medleys help to give you a variety without breaking the bank.
  5. Unity - The last step is to put it all together. If layout design is a challenge for you, you can work with a layout sketch or “floorplan” to help you decide where to place each element on your page. Our How-To Programs are PERFECT for this as they have already taken into account basic design principles such as focal point, repetition, balance and unity.

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