Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making V-day Crafts with the Kids

First we worked on creating 2 cards for their friends. The girls peeled the foam stickers and stuck them on. I helped them with the order.
Next they really wanted to paint something so I agreed.
Using the back of some shinniny scrapbooking paper they created amazing water color art. This is Lily.
 Evie rinsing her brush. She decided against the dark colors
 Here Evie is applying some green instead.
  Adding a bit of yellow now.
 Lily rinsing her brush...
 Adding a lot of color now.
Evie adding the final touches.
 Next I placed it in the Cricut and cut the heart shape box from it.
 I removed and saved the scraps for future projects.
I folded the box for the girls. The shimmery side of the paper is on the inside of the heart.
 I added some foam hearts we had let over from the cards we made.
 Lastly we added chocolates, tissue paper and our cards.
Two gifts from my twins to their friends.

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