Thursday, December 29, 2011

Technique Swap - Liquid Applique

My team does a technique swap every month and this month was liquid applique. Below I show you how it works and the project I did with it.

Start by applying the liquid applique (only $3.95 - Buy Now). You can choose to heat it immediately or wait until it is dry. If you wait the fluffy part stays fluffier where if you heat immediately it decreases a little.

For my purposes I heated immediately.

You can start to see as you heat it the liquid applique starts to popcorn out.

Keep heating until all the ivory color has turned white and popped out.

For my project I painted a thin layer of the liquid applique across the bottom portion on a card. I stamped green pines above it.

Then I heated the entire surface. It creates a rubbery feel and slightly 3D. I left the lines from the brush in the streaks so when it puffs up these areas are not 3D creating texture on the card.

Next I added a thick line at the base of the trees.

Using my brush I spread it ever so slightly. Creating more of a stucco appearance.

Lastly I heated it.

I added some "snow" to the tree edges as well on various trees.

Lastly I matted on a New England Ivy Card Base.

Here is a link to all the cards the team did. Enjoy :) 

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