Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Jesse!

This year the twins really wanted to dress up like Jesse from the Toy Story. After searching for costumes and finding nothing I liked or that would fit I decided to make them. Thank god for my sewing machine and glue gun is all I have to say! When Evie saw the outfit she squealed like it was Christmas morning. They were so happy and wore their hats around as much as they could. I made Jason a Woody costume leaving me to look for one myself. I couldn't find anything I could make into Bo Peep, and surprising all the Mrs & Mr Potato outfits were sold out... what a run on toy story outfits this year?? So that left me a handful or mismatch characters and buzz. I ended up going as Dr. Evil Porkchop and randomly dropped coins for the kids. They loved it. Hoping everyone had a safe and memorable Halloween. I'm sure you took lots of pictures so be sure to grab the Mischief Paper while you can :)

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