Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cricut Tips

Here are some Cricut Tips: ALWAYS turn your machine off first before switching to a new cartridge. It can cause malfunctions if you take out a cartridge while the machine is still on. Also, If you use your cricut to cut nonstop, it can overheat and malfuntion or shut down. Like any piece of electronic equipment it needs time to cool down occassionally, so if it feels hot let it have a rest occassionally it will last longer and perform better.

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Note: Firmware Update to Resolve Cricut® Compatibility Issues
Provo Craft, the company that produces the Cricut® machines and cartridges, has informed us that due to a soon-to-be-resolved software glitch, some Art Philosophy cartridges are not functioning correctly with Imagine and Expression 2 machines, Gypsy devices, or Cricut® DesignStudio™ software. Provo Craft emphasizes that this is not a flaw with the cartridge itself and that the issue will be resolved by updating the firmware for these devices and software. Contact me if you have any questions and I will help you out!

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