Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Techniques & Tips

Cricut BoxesHere are some Cricut Tips: You can make beautiful gifts for Christmas like a flower wreath or a paper wedding cake. Create all kinds of stocking stuffers and little gift boxes. There are eight 3D box shapes and six rolled flowers on the cartridge to help you create these items. Don't know where to start? Email me and we'll walk through the project together! When creating 3D objects you'll want to get some strong adhesives. If you don't own a glue gun try using liquid glass and glue dots to assemble these projects.

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Cricut BugNote: Firmware Update to Resolve Cricut® Compatibility Issues
Provo Craft, the company that produces the Cricut® machines and cartridges, has informed us that due to a soon-to-be-resolved software glitch, some Art Philosophy cartridges are not functioning correctly with Imagine and Expression 2 machines, Gypsy devices, or Cricut® DesignStudio™ software. Provo Craft emphasizes that this is not a flaw with the cartridge itself and that the issue will be resolved by updating the firmware for these devices and software. Provo Craft will make the new firmware available shortly; we will send out an email when the new firmware is ready to be downloaded. Refer to your device or software manual to find out how to update your firmware.

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