Sunday, October 23, 2011

Techniques: Distressing, Borders, and Shadow Boxes

Complements of my Downline Tabbi Fritz. She used a variety of techniques in this layout. Below are descriptions of each.Tabbi Fritz Layout

Stippling: Stippling is an art technique to make a lot of tiny dots to create an image. In this case instead of making an image, she stippled the sweet leaf (green) card stock on the left page using chocolate ink. Using the CTMH stippling tool this created a distressed look. To do this you simply apply your stippling tool to your ink pad and then pat it all over your cardstock till you have the desired amount of stippling. The more you do the darker the stippling will become.

Scallop edges: The scalloped edges can be seen on the Right page on the strip of red cardstock. To do this simply take the safety cover over your corner rounder and slide the strip of paper through it, making sure to line up the edges of each curve each time you punch. Easiest way to make sure you are getting the desired effect when first trying this is get a scrap piece of paper and practice first. Have your corner rounder facing you so you can see where it is cutting (so you are looking at the bottom of the rounder, and able to see the paper go through it). This will ensure that you don't leave gaps between the scallops.

Shadow Box: The shadow box with sand in it can also be found on the right page of this layout. For this she took a piece of cardstock and cut it to my desired size. Then lined it's edges with 3D foam tape. Next take another peice of cardstock cut to the same size as the first. Measure and cut out a window hole in this piece of cardstock. You will now measure and cut out of a Flip Flap the same size as the card stock and glue dot it to the back of the cardstock with the window cut out. Now you can put your sand or any piece of nature in the cardstock box that has the 3D- foam tape. Place the windowed cardstock on top of the 3D- foam tape, and you are finished! Be careful of the amount of stuff you put in to this box and thickness, if it is bigger than the 3D foam tape it will make placing the second piece of cardstock harder, and it may not want to stick to the tape due to the item pushing against it.

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