Transform your Studio J® online scrapbooking sessions from solitary and silent to laughter-filled and super-social by hosting a laptop crop with fellow Studio J scrapbookers! Laptop crops, or digital crops, are usually a lot like traditional cut-and-paste paper crops—games, door prizes, music, contests—with a few differences.
First, you'll need a location with wireless Internet and plenty of electrical outlets. Have lots of extension cords and power strips on hand. Plan for two to three feet of space per scrapbooker—yes, quite a bit less than classic crops! Keep refreshments "safe" for computers and keyboards, in other words, no mess or crumbs; try popcorn, coated or wrapped candy, and covered beverages. Be sure to display your favorite Studio J layouts to inspire all your friends (and soak in all the compliments!). Grab your computer, step out of the home office, and take your Studio J creative sessions from tranquil to exciting with a laptop crop!