Friday, October 7, 2011


Add OnAdd On For FREE!
New Consultants who enroll for $99 with Close To My Heart between October 1–31, 2011, will receive one FREE* New Consultant Kit add-on collection! Each of our three add-on collections is priced at $40 and has a retail value of $80 - 130, so this is an incredible deal! Click here to order your starter kit and Free add on.

Check out the article below on more great reasons to join Close To My Heart and be apart of my team, The Happy Scrappin' Squad!

*Shipping/handling is free on add-on collections. US tax will be charged on the retail price of $40.

10 Reasons You Should Get the Starter Kit!
By Rachel Ventura
1. Make more quality friends. I thought it was cheesy the first time I heard someone say this but it is so true. In the last few years I have made some of my closest friends both in my customers, team, and other consultants. As an adult meeting new people is tough and making new friends even harder but CTMH makes it easy to meet people like you who love what you love too.
2. Unlimited training and ideas. I don't know about you but I can always use more ideas. CTMH has a vast library of calls and training tools not to mention the monthly videos, tips, and projects they give us. The networking with other consultants has really opened my eyes to new possibilities with our products and now I just need more time to do it all!
3. Convention! I love the annual convention that CTMH puts on. It's like a giant sleep over with friends where you can create and socialize all day and party at night. The whole time you are learning how to make your business or hobby better too. It is what I look forward to all year.
4. Get Free Stuff. As a consultant and team member there are lots of ways to get free product. From giveaways to contests to just doing a great job. You'll be surprised at all the freebies you can receive by just doing what you love.
5. Receive a discount on the products you love. Whether you are a business builder or hobbyist enjoy a discount on all CTMH products.
6. The kit only costs $99 and you get over $350 in product. There isn't a better discount out there. Not even Michaels or Hobbylobby can give you a coupon for that much off!
7. Have a creative outlet. There is nothing more I enjoy after a bad day than to sit down and craft. It takes my worries away while giving me that "Me Time" I so desperately needed. Now you can have an excuse to build that time into your schedule on a regular basis.
8. Bring home more money. Whether you are trying to just  make a little bit more cash or create a career that pays the bills this opportunity allows you to make as much as you can dream. There are few things in life that offer that type of opportunity. I am excited to share this one with you and show you exactly how you can make your dreams come true.
9. Earn incentive trips around the world. Join me next year on the cruise of the Carribean's! I would love to share a free trip with you from CTMH. It's an exciting way to celebrate the best job you'll ever have.
10. Be proud to own your own successful business. To me nothing is more important that self worth. YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are smart, creative, and a go getter. You deserve to be happy and live the life you want. Your first step starts here, check it out.   

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