Pattern: Super Star
Kit: Dreamin’

It's true what Art Linkletter said: "Kids say the darndest things!" A kid's perspective is so fresh, honest, and innocent. And if you've got little kidlins, it's a wonderful idea to capture that candid perspective in scrapbook pages before it fades into teenage-hood.

The layout above records a sweet conversation between two friends:

Abby: Let's play "best friends."
Emma: How do we play that?
Abby: We pretend that we are best friends.
Emma: But we are best friends!
Abby: I know we are in real life, but this is pretend life. Come on, let's go outside and jump rope.

These tender moments are fleeting, but by capturing them in a scrapbook layout, we're able to keep them forever. (And pull them out during life's difficult times to remember how innocent and sweet our children once were!)

Here are some ideas for creating a layout to preserve your child's unique outlook:

  • Have a notebook handy to write down the funny or unusual things your kids say right away. You'll use their exact quotes for journaling on your layouts.
  • Grab your camera, kneel down, and take some pictures of your child or of things that illustrate their cute comments. Be sure the photos are at their eye-level.
  • Sometimes kids create the darndest things. Scan pictures or Mother's Day cards they've made, report cards, or certificates they've received to include in your digital scrapbook layouts.
  • Take photos of their favorite things, again at their eye-level: stuffed animals stacked in the bedroom corner, sports equipment on the floor of their closet, their favorite blankie on their bed, etc. These will be fun memories for you and them when they're older and the special items have long-since disappeared.

So, grab a notebook and your camera and get ready to fashion a layout from your kids' perspective!