Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Technique: Using Clear Cards

Clear CardsWhen using clear cards or arcylic chipboard the first thing you need to do is remove the clear plastic protector. I find the easiest way to do this is to use your piercing tool or tweezers to catch the plastic and then pull up. The protector sheet is on BOTH sides.

stazonWhen inking the edges you want to use stazon ink so it doesn't smudge off.  Then allow the card to dry for a few minutes. I use this time to distress all my other papers. You can use any ink to distress the paper.

layeringThe trick to creating amazing clear cards is all in the layering. From the outside of the card you want it to appear as though the design is all on the front but the surprise is when you open it you see that it is actually layered. For this simple card I had only two layers but using both sides of the card you could have as many as four. I placed my largest layer on bottom and the smallest layer on the front.

adhesiveWhen adhering your paper you want to be careful about covering or minimizing your adhesive. If you plan to cover the back or have multiple layers then you can use several different adhesives. However in my case the back of the paper was visible through the card so I wanted to minimize the sight.

Finished Clear CardThe best thing to use is the mini dots and apply to only the corners and possibly one in the middle of the sheet. When applying dots, you'll want to press the dot up to the paper directly and then peel away the paper with the dot on it. This prevents the dot from stretching or getting stuck to your finger.

For this card I just had to add my giant flower and stamped image. I finished it off with some bitty sparkles.

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