Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Techniques & Tips

Have you ever found that you have more pictures than space on your layout?  Flip flaps are an easy way to fix this problem. They have an adhesive side, which allows you to stick them to each other or other surfaces. So you can put a mini album of pictures on your layout. Careful when putting too many flip flaps in a stack because it can way your layout down. Instead try spreading out the flip flaps over several different photos or using the page size flip flaps to create whole layouts that open up.

These page flip flaps allow you to add another strip to your layout in a variation of sizes. You can put a piece of cardstock in this covered with photos, maps, tickets, paper, or you can treat it as a part of the layout and design it to match. Plus you can use both sides, thats twice the amount of pictures. These flip flaps also have an adhesive strip that makes it easy to adhere to your layout.

Tip: For the page flip flaps wait to adhere them to your layout until AFTER you put the layout in the page protector.

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