Friday, May 13, 2011

Technique: How to Make a Rose

This Technique and Flower compliments of consultant Shirley Ross

1. Start with 5 squares of Background & Texture (B&T) paper. The rose shown is a 3" x 3" square.

2. Next fold in half

3. DO NOT unfold - fold in half again

4. DO NOT unfold - place the small square on your work surface with the single fold to the right and the double fold at the bottom. This will place the unfolded sides on the top and the right. Take the bottom right hand corner and fold it towards the top left hand corner, creating a triangle.

5. Now you are ready to cut - this cut does not have to be perfect. You are going to cut a half circle starting from the back straight edge and curving upward to the left pointed side. Your piece will have the look of an ice cream cone.

6. Open and you should have a flower.

7. Repeat this step for all 5 squares

8. You will begin to make your flower sections - cut one petal out of the first flower.

9. Continue cutting petal sections, increasing by one each time.

10. You will have 7 cut sections and one full flower. We will begin to create our flower.

11. Be sure you use the same pattern side for each of the next steps. Starting with the largest cut flower create a cone by putting adhesive on the back of the petal next to the missing petal and bringing the petal across the missing petals until you get to the smallest two sections. Place a little adhesive on one side and roll the 2 smallest pieces for the center of the flower.

12. Using your piercing tool, roll each petal edge to the back. creating the look of a flower petal.

13. Staring with the full flower, nest each section inside the other, use liquid glass to adhere these sections as you go.  Let dry.  Once dry you can squeeze, roll, and adjust until your petals look just the way you want. You may also spritz with water and Create-a-Shade paint using the misting pen.

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