Sunday, May 1, 2011

Join My Team!

Why Become A Consultant?

Save Money, Make Money, and Increase your Tax Deductions

Meet Friends (Who doesn't need more quality people in their lives)

Set time aside for your Hobby (You need "Me Time" too, now get paid for it)

Amazing training on techniques, trends, and products at no cost to you

The best quality and the lowest price; But you already know this.

What Is In The Kit?

You choose 3 options below (or pay $40 for each additional option).

You will also receive Business Essentials contents include:

Open Me First Brochure, Current Idea Book (qty. 5), You Are Welcome Here Brochures (W1151, qty. 25), The Rewards Come Now Brochures (W1150, qty. 25), Customer Order Forms (W1101, qty. 25), Studio J® Customer Order Forms (W1102, qty. 25), Studio J® 5-Pack Cards (W1104, qty. 5), Studio J® Membership Cards (W1103, qty. 5), Cello Bags (W1152, qty. 25)

Option 1

12-Month Studio J® Membership

Option 2
Workshops on the Go™ Mayberry Kit (G1022)

My Acrylix® Summer Days Stamp Set (B1375)

Smoothie Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2196)

Olive Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2137)

Brads Pink Assortment (Z1362)

2" × 3 1/2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1009) (not shown)

Option 3

Workshops on the Go™ Lucky Kit (G1018)

My Acrylix® Enjoy Life Stamp Set (C1439)

Outdoor Denim Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2140)

Desert Sand Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2118)

Lucky Level 2 Assortment (Z1356)

Kraft Color-Ready Borders (Z1377)

Sponge (Z697)

Edge Distresser (Z1297)

2 1/2" × 2 1/2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1004) (not shown)

Option 4

12" x 12" Dark Chocolate My Legacy® Faux Leather Album (Z1342)

Outdoor Denim Quick Pic® Album (Z1404)

My Acrylix® Ciao Stamp Set (D1461)

Chocolate Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2111)

4" × 4" My Acrylix® Block (Y1008)

Option 5
Double Scrubber (Z1163)

My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778)

My Acrylix® A Tulip Stamp Set (A1111)

My Acrylix® Spring Up Stamp Set (B1365)

My Acrylix® Bless This Nest Stamp Set (C1445 )

Tulip Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2166)

Garden Green Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2120)

3" × 3" My Acrylix® Block (Y1006) (not shown)

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Not Convinced Yet... Read On...

Stay At Home Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Have you had any thoughts on what you want your career to be when your children start school. Would you love to own your own business? Here are a couple of things to think about:

My children have never spent a day in daycare because I make my own hours and can still be a stay-at-home mom

My closest friends are the ones I have met working my business. As a Navy wife who moves constantly, making friends can be difficult. Not anymore! I meet hundreds of people a year, who all love what I do

I earn the income I want. No more working long hours for a boss I can’t stand. I am in control and decide how much I’m going to make each year!

Scrapbooking Convention, Cruises, Retreats, and more!! Nothing like turning your career into your favorite vacation every year

Unlimited training. I have access to so much information about techniques, training videos, business classes, and more. I never have to search the web for an idea again

Preserving my memories while making money. I would be doing it anyway, why not get paid for it!

Contact me today about becoming a consultant and make your dreams a reality!

Afraid Your Resume Will Lapse?

Are you currently unemployed or between careers? Are you a stay-at-home mom who used to have a 'career' and want to go back to work someday? Consider starting your own business with CTMH so you can show that you've remained in the work-force. You'll keep up to speed on your presentation and computer skills and even learn lots of new skills highly desired by the workplace like marketing, relationship building with customers, sales techniques, budgeting, teaching skills, and more! Don't let there be a gap in your employment, make extra money doing what you love and make new friends, too!

Need Tax Deductions...

Want to bring home more of your money every year? Why not open your own business? It's easier than you think!! I had thousands of dollars in tax write offs from my business of teaching others how to scrapbook and make cards. Is this something that you would love to be doing and getting paid for it? Here are a couple of things you COULD BE writing off if you start your business today:

You can write off your ALL scrapbooking supplies as expenses if purchased for your business at the price that you paid, regardless of who you purchased them from (CTMH, Michael’s, hobby lobby, other consultants, etc…)

Write off stamps, postage, office supplies

Printing costs for newsletters, business cards, other advertising costs

Long distance calls, utilities, internet

Portion of your home mortgage & interest for your home office

Homeowner’s or renters insurance paid for each year

Receipts of any office improvements (paint, shelving, carpeting, desk, computer, etc). Your office space/computer must be used primarily for your business.

Trade publications/rubberstamping or scrapbooking magazine subscriptions

Stamping/scrapbooking related books and videos

Fees for attending stamping/scrapbooking conventions or workshops

Parking/tolls/gas mileage/airfare/hotel expenses related with attending a convention or workshop

Postage for newsletters or orders

Gifts and prizes (not totaling over $25.00 each)

Charitable contributions

Clothing purchased expressly for wearing to home demonstrations (Logo Wear)

Any website or credit card fees

Just Want To Own A Business?

If you are interested in the opportunity to own your own business this is the easiest and cheapest way to get started! No business liscense needed. Free Training and Resources! You can get additional information at my website. Becoming a CTMH consultant has lots of perks, including intensive online training courses both for your business as well as creative courses that will take your scrapbooking and stamping to the next level. As a consultant you'll also have the option to participate in monthly card swaps, yearly events, team meetings, and much more. What are you waiting for?

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My Experience

Let me share with you my experience of being a consultant. Close To My Heart came into my life in 2009 when a friend invited me to her stamping party. I had no idea what I was in for because I didn’t even know what Acrylic Stamping was. Once I arrive, I quickly discovered how fast, simple and easy it was to create beautiful cards and scrapbooking accents! I was hooked and had several parties of my own!

In December 2009, I decided to sign up as a consultant at first to support my growing scrapbook and stamping habit. After awhile my business goals changed to wanting additional income for my family. Since then, I’ve paid for Christmas gifts, vacations, conventions, credit card bills, and more! It’s my goal to one day earn the yearly cruise contest that Close To My Heart offers….for a trip for two to some exotic and fun location! I’m also passionate about helping others build their businesses so they can live the life of their dreams, too. And, enjoy their hobby even more!

Because my business has been at different levels and is continuing to grow – I feel I have the ability to support and encourage YOU! Whether you are interested in just being a hobbyist, or having one gathering per month, or developing a full time business (while working less hours than a full time traditional job), Close To My Heart has a wonderful opportunity waiting for you.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have and I will call you within a few days to discuss your questions and seeing if CTMH is a great fit for you!

~Happy Scrappin'

Sincerely, Rachel Ventura

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