Friday, May 27, 2011

Team Training and Workshop

The team training we had earlier this month was a blast. I miss my GA ladies already!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Fanfare Cards

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Studio J - Editting your images

Learn how to edit your images in Studio J through this training video.

If you haven't checked it out Studio J yet, it's FREE to use so what are you waiting for? Indulge your desire to create gorgeous, 12" * 12" layouts in minutes—it’s easy, fast, and fun with Studio J, Close to My Heart’s unique online design software. Whether you’re a first-time scrapbooker or a long-time enthusiast, you can design custom layouts you’ll want to show off again and again. Discover the creative options available on Studio J!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Close To My Heart's new buttons are a perfect accent to add to any card or layout. The neutral colors coordinate with any papers. Easy to attach & Great 3-D look: (72 buttons total in Chocolate, Cocoa, Colonial White, and White Daisy; various shapes and sizes) $5.95

Friday, May 13, 2011

Technique: How to Make a Rose

This Technique and Flower compliments of consultant Shirley Ross

1. Start with 5 squares of Background & Texture (B&T) paper. The rose shown is a 3" x 3" square.

2. Next fold in half

3. DO NOT unfold - fold in half again

4. DO NOT unfold - place the small square on your work surface with the single fold to the right and the double fold at the bottom. This will place the unfolded sides on the top and the right. Take the bottom right hand corner and fold it towards the top left hand corner, creating a triangle.

5. Now you are ready to cut - this cut does not have to be perfect. You are going to cut a half circle starting from the back straight edge and curving upward to the left pointed side. Your piece will have the look of an ice cream cone.

6. Open and you should have a flower.

7. Repeat this step for all 5 squares

8. You will begin to make your flower sections - cut one petal out of the first flower.

9. Continue cutting petal sections, increasing by one each time.

10. You will have 7 cut sections and one full flower. We will begin to create our flower.

11. Be sure you use the same pattern side for each of the next steps. Starting with the largest cut flower create a cone by putting adhesive on the back of the petal next to the missing petal and bringing the petal across the missing petals until you get to the smallest two sections. Place a little adhesive on one side and roll the 2 smallest pieces for the center of the flower.

12. Using your piercing tool, roll each petal edge to the back. creating the look of a flower petal.

13. Staring with the full flower, nest each section inside the other, use liquid glass to adhere these sections as you go.  Let dry.  Once dry you can squeeze, roll, and adjust until your petals look just the way you want. You may also spritz with water and Create-a-Shade paint using the misting pen.

Check out my Blog at for more techniques, projects, and tips.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Techniques & Tips

Have you ever found that you have more pictures than space on your layout?  Flip flaps are an easy way to fix this problem. They have an adhesive side, which allows you to stick them to each other or other surfaces. So you can put a mini album of pictures on your layout. Careful when putting too many flip flaps in a stack because it can way your layout down. Instead try spreading out the flip flaps over several different photos or using the page size flip flaps to create whole layouts that open up.

These page flip flaps allow you to add another strip to your layout in a variation of sizes. You can put a piece of cardstock in this covered with photos, maps, tickets, paper, or you can treat it as a part of the layout and design it to match. Plus you can use both sides, thats twice the amount of pictures. These flip flaps also have an adhesive strip that makes it easy to adhere to your layout.

Tip: For the page flip flaps wait to adhere them to your layout until AFTER you put the layout in the page protector.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Easter and the twins got to participate in many egg hunts. We are greatful for friends who graciously asked us to join them while Jason is away.

Wishing every mother out there a terrific Mother's Day. Here is a video spoof of Queen's Bohemiam Rhapsody that I think every mother can relate with. But just in case, here's a another mom salute from Anita Renfroe who entertained us last year at Convention!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

While Supplies Last!

Have you checked out the "While Supplies Last" area on my website yet? CTMH has discounted several items including stickease for as low as $1.50! Plus ribbon, brads, accents, and more. Plus check back often to see new items that are added regularly. Level 1 Kits will be retired after this idea book on July 31st 2011. Look for kits to be discounted here as well.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stamp of the Month


Every month Close To My Heart offers you an exclusive My Acrylix D-size stamp set FREE or at a large discount. The stamp set is available to qualifying customers for that month only. It's our way of saying thank you, and your way of getting fantastic deals on our amazing stamps! Here's how to get a fabulous deal on your very own Stamp of the Month! You Spend     You save       You pay only

$25                25% off         $17.21 US

$50                50%off           $11.48 US

$75                75% off          $5.74 US

$100              100% off         FREE!

See more SOTM artwork on MyCTMH Website.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Constant Campaign Specials

We’re releasing a beautiful new You & Me scrapbooking kit for National Scrapbooking Month in May! The You & Me scrapbooking kit features two fully embellished layouts; a D-size stamp set; and an instruction guide.  The kit can be purchased at the full retail price of $34.95, or at the great discount price of just $15 when you place a minimum order of $50 for any Close To My Heart products (excluding purchases made on

The paper is like nothing you have seen from us before. Check out this great video on the kit: You & Me

Additionally, new Consultants who join in May will get the kit FREE!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Join My Team!

Why Become A Consultant?

Save Money, Make Money, and Increase your Tax Deductions

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The best quality and the lowest price; But you already know this.

What Is In The Kit?

You choose 3 options below (or pay $40 for each additional option).

You will also receive Business Essentials contents include:

Open Me First Brochure, Current Idea Book (qty. 5), You Are Welcome Here Brochures (W1151, qty. 25), The Rewards Come Now Brochures (W1150, qty. 25), Customer Order Forms (W1101, qty. 25), Studio J® Customer Order Forms (W1102, qty. 25), Studio J® 5-Pack Cards (W1104, qty. 5), Studio J® Membership Cards (W1103, qty. 5), Cello Bags (W1152, qty. 25)

Option 1

12-Month Studio J® Membership

Option 2
Workshops on the Go™ Mayberry Kit (G1022)

My Acrylix® Summer Days Stamp Set (B1375)

Smoothie Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2196)

Olive Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2137)

Brads Pink Assortment (Z1362)

2" × 3 1/2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1009) (not shown)

Option 3

Workshops on the Go™ Lucky Kit (G1018)

My Acrylix® Enjoy Life Stamp Set (C1439)

Outdoor Denim Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2140)

Desert Sand Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2118)

Lucky Level 2 Assortment (Z1356)

Kraft Color-Ready Borders (Z1377)

Sponge (Z697)

Edge Distresser (Z1297)

2 1/2" × 2 1/2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1004) (not shown)

Option 4

12" x 12" Dark Chocolate My Legacy® Faux Leather Album (Z1342)

Outdoor Denim Quick Pic® Album (Z1404)

My Acrylix® Ciao Stamp Set (D1461)

Chocolate Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2111)

4" × 4" My Acrylix® Block (Y1008)

Option 5
Double Scrubber (Z1163)

My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778)

My Acrylix® A Tulip Stamp Set (A1111)

My Acrylix® Spring Up Stamp Set (B1365)

My Acrylix® Bless This Nest Stamp Set (C1445 )

Tulip Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2166)

Garden Green Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2120)

3" × 3" My Acrylix® Block (Y1006) (not shown)

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Stay At Home Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Have you had any thoughts on what you want your career to be when your children start school. Would you love to own your own business? Here are a couple of things to think about:

My children have never spent a day in daycare because I make my own hours and can still be a stay-at-home mom

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Afraid Your Resume Will Lapse?

Are you currently unemployed or between careers? Are you a stay-at-home mom who used to have a 'career' and want to go back to work someday? Consider starting your own business with CTMH so you can show that you've remained in the work-force. You'll keep up to speed on your presentation and computer skills and even learn lots of new skills highly desired by the workplace like marketing, relationship building with customers, sales techniques, budgeting, teaching skills, and more! Don't let there be a gap in your employment, make extra money doing what you love and make new friends, too!

Need Tax Deductions...

Want to bring home more of your money every year? Why not open your own business? It's easier than you think!! I had thousands of dollars in tax write offs from my business of teaching others how to scrapbook and make cards. Is this something that you would love to be doing and getting paid for it? Here are a couple of things you COULD BE writing off if you start your business today:

You can write off your ALL scrapbooking supplies as expenses if purchased for your business at the price that you paid, regardless of who you purchased them from (CTMH, Michael’s, hobby lobby, other consultants, etc…)

Write off stamps, postage, office supplies

Printing costs for newsletters, business cards, other advertising costs

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Homeowner’s or renters insurance paid for each year

Receipts of any office improvements (paint, shelving, carpeting, desk, computer, etc). Your office space/computer must be used primarily for your business.

Trade publications/rubberstamping or scrapbooking magazine subscriptions

Stamping/scrapbooking related books and videos

Fees for attending stamping/scrapbooking conventions or workshops

Parking/tolls/gas mileage/airfare/hotel expenses related with attending a convention or workshop

Postage for newsletters or orders

Gifts and prizes (not totaling over $25.00 each)

Charitable contributions

Clothing purchased expressly for wearing to home demonstrations (Logo Wear)

Any website or credit card fees

Just Want To Own A Business?

If you are interested in the opportunity to own your own business this is the easiest and cheapest way to get started! No business liscense needed. Free Training and Resources! You can get additional information at my website. Becoming a CTMH consultant has lots of perks, including intensive online training courses both for your business as well as creative courses that will take your scrapbooking and stamping to the next level. As a consultant you'll also have the option to participate in monthly card swaps, yearly events, team meetings, and much more. What are you waiting for?

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My Experience

Let me share with you my experience of being a consultant. Close To My Heart came into my life in 2009 when a friend invited me to her stamping party. I had no idea what I was in for because I didn’t even know what Acrylic Stamping was. Once I arrive, I quickly discovered how fast, simple and easy it was to create beautiful cards and scrapbooking accents! I was hooked and had several parties of my own!

In December 2009, I decided to sign up as a consultant at first to support my growing scrapbook and stamping habit. After awhile my business goals changed to wanting additional income for my family. Since then, I’ve paid for Christmas gifts, vacations, conventions, credit card bills, and more! It’s my goal to one day earn the yearly cruise contest that Close To My Heart offers….for a trip for two to some exotic and fun location! I’m also passionate about helping others build their businesses so they can live the life of their dreams, too. And, enjoy their hobby even more!

Because my business has been at different levels and is continuing to grow – I feel I have the ability to support and encourage YOU! Whether you are interested in just being a hobbyist, or having one gathering per month, or developing a full time business (while working less hours than a full time traditional job), Close To My Heart has a wonderful opportunity waiting for you.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have and I will call you within a few days to discuss your questions and seeing if CTMH is a great fit for you!

~Happy Scrappin'

Sincerely, Rachel Ventura